gettin frustrated with all rules.of.this.down.load.that tag that imagery picture which -button to .press..typing seductive addiction…mind boggling





These old bones walked a thousand miles in broken shoes. Arriving to his designated place where he ventured thousands times before. The old bones walked alone thousands of times not knowing will my lovely wife remembers me?FearFul of the answer this day .Speaking whispers only you my love can hear.I questioned again where is the answer that I waited thousands of times to hear…Tearful eyes of  sky blue speak I Loved you my dear husband just as I had a thousand years ago ..Kissing his wife’s lips for the last time  those thousand tears flowed ……

jagged rough edges

Jagged Edges  are deceptive arterys that causes heartbreak. Shocking stares in disbelief the sharpness of a beasts painfully spew of snakes venom still never vanish ever!!


join me Full moon

When the night falls shadows of the day leaves me….. .Full moon why do you shine  bright? Though the night until dawn you fade back…. into clouds tucked away for yet another day …..



Well the brain is spinning around in circles doesn’t want to shut down at all pressures from the day gone what if I did this or maybe could have done at all to much to ask for when sleep is suppose to consume the body the brain just keeps spinning tales of this day gone ….


Start fresh

Ok now I have tried to blog about 4 times already . Each one was lost into cyber land whatever .So here I go again I am a first time blogger a wreak for sure so please just give me some time to adjust to this new adventure .If this doesn’t get saved and  whatever the hell it is suppose to reach I am giving up. Any advise would be welcomed but not nasty ok keep on the positive . Signed by crazy typo